Chickpeas, olive oil & a pinch of salt.
That’s the entire list of ingredients in our creamy greek inspired cheese.

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Meet the famous Sisa - a superstar dish in our home for semi-responsible hedonists. It’s the ultimate meal for adult-ish humans.

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Kombucha has been refreshing humans for more than 2000 years with its unique flavor, explosive bubbles and healing live cultures.

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Home, where food lives.

By choosing the right food to eat, we can heal our bodies, support local communities and preserve our environment. All while taking our taste buds on a hedonistic plant-based flavour bonanza. With real, tasty & nourishing food.

Flavours with integrity

The sense of flavor is what makes us fall in love with food. That’s why we wouldn't funk with any artificial additives. 🐶 None. Period. All our flavors are crafted using only what nature has to offer.

From rich soil

The best flavors come from foods that are grown from good soil. To take care of it one requires love, care and patience. After all, the nutrients in the soil is what we are all after. 🌺

Nutritious & tasty

Food is energy. 💪 Food rich in all the essential nutrients is what keeps our bodies alive, our mind sharp and our spirits high. Ingredients we use are teaming with that life energy.

Eat in Kucha

A bistro, deli, artisan bakery, pizzeria & chill oasis under one roof. Plus, there’s an indoor swing. The 100% plant-based award-winning menu is crafted with carefully curated regional & seasonal ingredients. From healthy seasonal bowls to hedonistic burgers, there is something for everyone’s taste (or emotional state). All creatures are welcome! 👽🌿

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Kucha Products

100% plant-based gourmet foods with an ingredients list we can all understand. Only the good, necessary stuff and nothing shady, ever. Made by thinking of the future & inspired by the past. 💅

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People mostly say nice things …

“Best wholefood plantbased spot in the country. Local, organic food and products prepared with next level originality and creativity. Paired with its own fermentation lab and artisan bakery, it is unmatched. Dishes are high quality, nutritious and unforgetful.

- Beno Rudolf

… but you can't win them all!

“All i could taste was sour. Don’t they taste their food every once in a while? It is either that or they have no idea what they are doing. The only good thing was salted sweet potato. ”

- rokk438